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My Neighbours the Dumplings

Frozen Dumplings, Cook at Home Meal Kits and Feasting Boxes

Bottled Cocktails and Sake

Feasting Boxes

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Frozen Dumplings **Only available for Pick Up**

Pack of 16 big fat juicy dumplings ready to be cooked at home. Four different fillings to choose from, all made with top quality ingredients. Cook straight from frozen in under 10 mins, either steam-fry to make potstickers or boil.

Only available for Pick up. These can always be picked up directly from the restaurants any time we're open.

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Drinks we love at My Neighbours the Dumplings. Bottled cocktails made to our own house recipes. Sake brewed in small scale Japanese breweries, imported by Tengu Sake. Low intervention wines from Model Wines.

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Cook at Home dishes

We do all the prep so you don't have to. These chilled dishes can be cooked or assembled at home without any fuss to enjoy just as you would in the restaurant! Crispy Pork Belly ready to crisp up in the oven, duck, turnip cake steamed dumplings and salads. Add these dishes on to your feasting box to make it suit!

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